DealTime helps you to find and buy Hakama, by providing you with top UK retailers, independent reviews and low prices. Cheap hakama catalogs – Buy hakama from more than 71 hakama suppliers. I’m looking for 3x hakama pants that are cheap like $20-$30. Cheap commercial hakama offer poor quality and sizing.

This Hakama is an optimal alternative for the price conscious Iaidoka. The Hakama is manufactured of 100% easy care Dacron synthetic fibre. But in fairness it is a good cheap hakama, go for their top of the line polyester one or the Korean indigo. Others wear them for religious ceremonies; even today, Japanese men commonly pose for their wedding photos in the andon-hakama. I bought the KH1 for a cheap hakama to use at home; it?s not very nice. Youll be in the market again in 12 months after a replacement.
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My current hakama was about £
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